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June 28, 2012


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Realm of Gehenna

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 28, 2012, 4:03 PM


Goetia: Fatima by celiere
Overlord of Lust
Key Vassal: Lazerus
The real land is actually quite barren. Within a light forest, it almost looking like one of those old villages that have been abandoned centuries ago. It is similar to the weather within a forest--- cooler within the shade of the trees. (Which is best, for the Overlord doesn't particularly like the sun or hot days despite the temperature reaching high heights in the summertime)

Though the thing that makes it special is a specific plant that grows in abundance. Shining with blue brilliance, the flower “Sommortis” emits a pollen into the air which has hallucinogenic qualities to it. Whomever inhales the pollen, is automatically shown what they want to see. (It does not show you things that are not there, just enhances what is already materialized to that person’s preferences)

Luxuria (Lust):
The kingdom in which all demon’s mainly live, most houses are made of modest, natural substances. (Because with the help of the flower; this would turn ordinary wood, into marble or even gold). If you don’t mind the fact that almost everything isn’t really “real” per say, it would be the perfect place to live.

Within the long line of rulers, each has had a special trait handed down to them. Special retractable fangs that are able to inject a venom (similar to pheromones) that pretty much makes that being, "lust" after them for a short amount of time. If they keep doing it for a long while and suddenly stop, withdrawals might occur. It acts similar to cocaine and meth in this regard. The fangs are also able to do the opposite of this and actually suck the energies of these horny victims; while they still are. Overlords love humans the best because they are by far, the easiest to corrupt and lure in.

Their prime export would have to be Sommortis itself. Can be used as a pain healer in some instances or just a ticket to get away from it all. Though it has been warned to be dangerous, this does not stop Luxuria’s continuous revenue. ►►Extended Information

Clothing of the region:
Resembling the more current style of  *Modern Sleek*, this particular region wears clothes of darker colors with more fitted hems. (bright colors are alright, just still follow the style) Think fitted, smooth, and sexy. If you want examples, check what the Overlord is wearing or these...

(Examples -… |… | |… |… )


Goetia: Jerah by JessDance
Overlord of Gluttony
Key Vassal: Raul
The climate is hot and humid, nearly unbearable for those who are not used to it. It rains throughout the whole year, always heavy and very frequent. The temperatures are usually around or over 30°C. Most of the area is richly covered with tropical trees, plants and an exotic wildlife. Although it rains daily and the sun shines throughout the whole day, the water rarely gets to the bottom and the light barely touches the ground, having the tall trees serve as big umbrellas. Amidst the jungle lie several swamps bursting with aquatic vegetation, making them hidden from sight and easy to trip into.

Being surrounded by mountains, the land is quite secluded by the other regions. The fastest way to get out of the valley is east through a cave where the river, descended from the waterfalls and a border that divides East and West, runs through to flow out the other side of the mountains.

The main Demon Domain is located north nearby an area of several Waterfalls and consists mainly of rainforest. People will have a hard time finding their way through it, since it’s very easy to get lost in the woods. All kinds of Demons lurk and live in the trees on all levels, just waiting for an opportunity to strike when stranded travellers pass by, no matter the race. Besides the demons, there are also many wild animals and monsters that will attack when feeling threatened. If that isn’t enough, traps and quicksand lie hidden in many places. Only the locals know how to coordinate in the danger and are willing to lead foreigners through it for a price. ►►Extended Information

Outfits are South Asian inspired. They have bright and lively colours and are usually loose and easily removable. Demons tend to be more revealing in their fashion and are covered in jewelries, whereas humans and poor demons are usually only wrapped in several plain pieces of cloth.


Overlord of Greed
Key Vassal: Ronové-Lasaro

Avarice or "greed" is the lust for material gain. Hoard everything and share nothing. Avarice is said to be "the root of all evils" and is a foundation for ethical and political corruption in society.

Avaritia (Greed):

A tropical weathered and mostly sunny piece of land surrounded by deep crystal blue waters. The southernmost part of Avaritia is humid and hot all year round, lowest temperatures reaching at about 70 F in the winter. Palm trees decorate the tropical beaches and land. Cloud cover is uncommon, however spontaneous dark thunderstorms arise with the heat. The Northernmost part of Avaritia is cooler and less humid lowest temperatures reaching a high of about 50 F during the winter season. Located in the west, along the coast resides an enormous golden city, a once prosperous now a struggling city filled with poverty and crime. ►►Extended Information

18th Century/Old English inspired clothing, though not strictly (meaning fantasy clothing attributes are acceptable... just no outrageously bright colors, earthy tones are prominent). Clothing is modern fantasy yet Victorian in appeal with elegant laces and heavily decorated fabrics. Pirate attire is popular among the commonfolk, it being an expression of rebellion. ( examples:… )

The Goetia : Nasurin by noizi

Overlord of Sloth
Key Vassal: Marchosias
A land of mild weather and boasting a mountainous region of thick arboreal forests ; it is home to both Demons and Humans. The temperatures of Acedia rarely drop too low or too high, making an ideal home for many and as such, hosts a very large population throughout the land with many villages with homes built of sturdy wood and quite often directly inside of mountains, usually within man-made caverns which shelter them from the frequent windstorms.. The main source of commerce is trading, with merchants and caravans going from village to village with much needed supplies.

The family of demons overruling the kingdom is large and its branches reaching wide, though a many of them do not reside within the palace grounds and instead live in far-off villas in the countryside. The strongest of them are able to use a sort of hypnosis ; convincing even some of the stubborn people to do as they want or if their will is strong enough, to convince them to end their own life. Though such is a passive skill meant only for their own greed, preferring a comfortable life, they also are able to command the element of water, freezing and making it into ice, the complexity depends on the creativity of each individual. ►►Extended Information

Dress worn by both demon and humans are simple in design, with long drape-y style and tribal-like patterns at the ends of the sleeves and hemline . Robes are usually long sleeved with the front overlapping the other side and tied with a sash (eastern asia influence) ; they may be solid coloured or have a subtle pattern. Furs and wool are common the further up north you go though some demons aren’t all bothered by the cold and may only serve as fashion.

(Examples -…………… )

The human kingdom lies far to the south, the city carved from the cliffs to shelter from the violent storms. Being a port town, the main source of income comes from imported goods, fishing and of course the bustling marketplace where all sorts of items are traded off and packaged by merchants which are then circulated throughout the country .
Humans and demons work together in a partnership though the presence of the Overlord’s family looms over them in secret, watching carefully and ready to quash them should any sort of outward rebellion be displayed.


Goetia - Ferid by shidrome
Overlord of Wrath
Key Vassal: Crocell
Burning sands and scorching heat is a normality in this land during the day and very frigid during the night. The people, both humans and demons have grown used to such bizarre weather, easily adapting to it. The desert is vast, but oddly enough, there are plenty of places to get water sprinkled around, helping lessen competition between the two races. Though there is much desert in this arid region, there are a few fertile areas, most especially by oases and rivers to help shepherds and farmers. In a few places within the kingdom, there are rare gems lining caverns, and to many, it is the richest in terms of minerals and rare resources. Residing in the region a bit away from both the human kingdom and the demon one resides nomadic clans who swear no allegiance to neither, many preferring to be mercenaries and doing as they please.

Ira (Wrath):
The demon kingdom within the desert. It is quite close to the kingdom of Aldhir and had a history of animosity towards it, but as of late due to the last demon lord, the two kingdoms have gotten along relatively well. Many humans come to the kingdom to trade their goods and sometimes even live there amongst the demon citizens without any issue. The laws within this kingdom however, are fairly strict and when a warning is given by a guard, one best heed it. Though it seems peaceful on the surface, another story.

The demon family who has been in charge of this kingdom for hundreds of years relies on a bestial rage to power up their magic and their strength. The boost they get is often extreme, but the drawback is that they tend to become wild and lose themselves in anger, hurting both friend and foe. As such, they have learned to control their tempers to the best of their ability for the good of everyone. ►►Extended Information

Clothing of the kingdom:
Clothing in Ira has a bit of West Asian influence; the clothing worn is usually made up of light silks for the wealthy and cotton for those normal citizens to help allow the body to cool in hot weather. Though most of the citizens wear things that cover most of their body to fight off the heat of the sun, demons that thrive in such hot weather tend to be able to leave skin exposed without fear of sunburn. During summer months when it is especially hot, uncovered skin can be deadly for those who spend much time in the sun...

Examples of the kind of style that are seen:… || || || ||


Goetia - Hateya by Aniemae
Overlord of Envy
Key Vassal: Keme
A land with nothing but fertile fields, bearing the soils and climates needed for various crops to be cultivated. The few pieces of land not used for such are nothing but grassy plains, used as feed by the small amounts of wild animals living there. At the edge of the horizon lies an impressive volcano, Mt. Ea, the foot of which remnants of an ancient city can be seen half buried in hardened lava and rock. Inhabitants of the kingdoms have grown accustomed to four seasons, building houses meant to withstand them all. ►►Extended Information

The clothing style is in essence a mixture of ancient Japanese and Native American. Kimonos with diamond patterns and vibrant colours, traditional dresses with floral patterns and a more soothing palette, the varieties are endless. Accessories also borrow from both cultures, ranging from floral hair pieces and paper umbrellas to feathers and fur.


Descending a vast cliff on the edge of Ira’s deserts brings you to the Malebolge.

A barren, lawless wasteland, wholly of stone and an iron color. It is the hell that separates Cocytus from the rest of Gehenna and where demons, humans and those who have dared practice the forbidden magic - now far from redemption and so lost in their sins that integration into the seven Kingdom’s societies has become impossible - are forced to spend their eternity as punishment.

The damned demons have taken dominion here, physically superior to the humans and strong fascist believers. Humans and weaker demons are typically hunted, tortured or feasted upon by the lawless higher demons, performing forbidden magic rituals as they feed to try and gain the strength of those they have eaten, thus bettering their chances of surviving the Malebolge. However, the extent of which they savagely perform dark magic often drives them mad...if they weren’t mad already.

The sky is overcast with black-red sulphurous clouds, erected by high volcanoes which scar the landscape. Ten deep cavern-like pits further hinder the Malebolge, known as ‘Bolgias’. Within these pits, only torture and death await. Some are filled with oily fires and lava from the volcanic activity which burn for eternity, whereas others are filled with starving, deformed and sickly demons who have been driven mad by the obnoxious gases rising from the pits, awaiting a new victim to fall in so to feast upon them. As you draw closer to the Bolgias, you will begin to hear the screams of suffering.

Disease and infection spreads quickly within the foul conditions, causing the sinners to become afflicted with abscesses, scabs and madness, much alike the plague. They lie writhing on the floor and scratch their own skin off furiously, left then to bleed to death. Their bodies are not disposed of, instead left to rot and fester.

The only wildlife to survive the conditions of Malebolge are that of serpents, snakes, dragons and other reptiles. They hunt the weaker sinners and bite them, inflicting a poisonous venom that can cause combustion before feasting upon the remains.

One of the gangs of demons that have managed to make residence here are the Malebranche, or “Evil Claws”. A group of 13 demons, their leader is Malacoda. They are described as vulgar, quarrelsome, dishonest and malicious. They have taken rule  around the 5th Bolgia, which is an immense boiling pitch. If you get too close they might trick you into throwing you in...and have an absurd taste for toilet humour. They round up sinners who have been thrown into the Malebolge for corruption - barrators - and force them to burn in their Bolgia.
Their small community features tents to house themselves, and small shops which sell the butchered carcases of hunted demons, humans or reptiles. The taste is foul but, other than berries which grow on vines with poison enough to kill a demon with a single prick, it is all there is to eat.
But, all in all, they don’t seem as vicious as they could be and, for travelers, they may offer safe conduct across their territory for a price...

Those who try to travel the Malebolge do not often make it across, overrun by the hordes of mad demons to then be tortured, pillaged, raped and eaten alive, or forced to suffer the same fate they have. Not even Overlords are safe here.

The ruler of these lands is Greyon.

To the south of the Maleboldge is another, vast cliff face. To descend it would lead you into Superbia...


Goetia: Lord Amraphel by Mirvirus
Overlord of Pride
Key Vassal: Paimon
A land challenged by cold, turbulent and dangerous winters. The deepest winter month, December, is a constant blizzard, thus adhering the name ‘blizzard season’. The worst winters can see their blizzards rage for the entire three months. Summer, however, is warm and bright; the interchanging months are somewhat chilly with light and near picturesque scatterings of snow.

Superbia (Pride):
The name of both country and kingdom, for all other cities have long since been abandoned. The current demon lord’s ideals caused him to take care of his citizens, and thus he built the most grand and impressive city of all; Superbia. It has towering buildings and outer walls of commendable architecture; both proud and practical, it was built to keep the citizens safe from the winters as well as proclaim the Lord's power, authority and aptitude. Going out in the kingdom during the blizzard months is quite safe and mild due to the care of its structure.

The virtue of humility is, surprise to most, the demon lord’s own daughter, mothered by the late virtue - The demon lord believes that for a system to work there must be balance, therefore pride and humility must work together. Thus the connection between sin, virtue, demon and human is very strong and bound by mutual respect.

Relationship with Humans:
The demon lord idealized pride as honour, and honour as respect, therefore he takes care of his citizens and they reward him with their loyalty and adoration. However, the laws are strict, and the punishment for treachery is a pain greater than death.

Relationship with other Overlords:
The Overlord of Superbia prefers neutral alliance and thus tries to promote such between his Kingdom and that of the other Lords. His strongest alliance is that with Ira. Though, being the Overlord of supposedly the most forsaken of all cardinal sins, he undoubtedly has plans...or so is the rumour.

The region’s clothing is quite fantasy-regal; ornate and elegant, sometimes borrowing attributes from 18th century fashion. It's typically intricately detailed, increasingly so as you advance in rank or are of higher social class (a way of visually demonstrating ones status and pride). Clothing is usually two or more layers and often features feathers or fur for both fashionable and practical reasons.
(examples:… |… |… )

Ruins of Humilitas (Humility):
Ruins of a once great city of the humans, it was abandoned soon after the current demon lord of Superbia took reign, for he took the humans and their virtue into his kingdom. There are many stories and rumours surrounding his reasons for doing so.

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